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BYT7544-B microcomputer contro

The main computer adopts 5.7 inch single color LCD touch screen. It is mainly used to detect the volume ...

AP2637-08 ampoule breaking for

The instrument uses a 5.7 inch (120X90) monochrome LCD screen. The Chinese menu is displayed. The menu o...

ZH1962-E injection syringe nee

The syringe needle cone joint performance comprehensive tester is designed and manufactured according to...

FY15810-C syringe body body cl

Negative pressure tester for injector body tightness is a special equipment designed according to the re...

ZY15810-C injector positive pr

The positive pressure tester for syringe tightness is designed and manufactured according to the relevan...

HX-15810-C syringe sliding per

The special testing instrument for the sliding performance of syringes is designed and manufactured acco...

Pressure tightness tester for

Designed according to the relevant provisions of GB14232 and YY0613-2007 standards, it is specially used...

LL0285-A catheter flow tester

Use 5.7 inch (320*240) LCD touch screen, Chinese menu display. AD acquisition speed is 500 KHz, internal...

LL0285-B catheter gas flow tes

6 inch (320*240) touch screen and Chinese menu display. AD acquisition speed is 500 KHz, internal code 1...

SZ8368-A infusion device leak

Applicable standard: Medical device sealing tester is designed according to the relevant provisions of t...

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