BYT7544-B microcomputer controlled condom blasting tester (two station)

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The main computer adopts 5.7 inch single color LCD touch screen. It is mainly used to detect the volume and pressure needed by inflating condom to burst. It fully meets the requirements of appendix C of GB7544-2009 4 and other relevant standards. It can display and record the volume and pressure of Condom Bursting in real time. It can automatically analyze and record the volume and pressure of condom bursting. Qualifying condom information.

1. Double-head blasting (i.e. two blasting cabinets), controlled by a single computer, the minimum test space of each blasting cabinet is large enough to allow the condom to expand freely without touching any part of the box; transparent safety door with sound-proof outer panel and automatic closure device;

2. blasting volume: (0-60) L; volume accuracy: less than or equal to 3%;

3. pressure sensor: stainless steel high static pressure differential, with fine filter pressure regulator;

4. burst pressure: (0 to 5. 0) kPa; accuracy: less than or equal to 0.05kPa; maximum pressure load: 160kPa;

5. flowmeter: air flowmeter, range: 24 ~ 30dm3/min; accuracy: 3%;

6. Condom support device: tapered mandrel (with a smooth sphere or hemisphere with a diameter of 25 mm on the top) and mechanical automatic locking clamping device (to ensure automatic locking, test process without leakage, not harming the condom);

7. the temperature influence error is better than + 1% in 0~40 C temperature range.

8. Gas source: Super static air compressor, provide clean, degreasing compressed air, fully meet the pressure gas for double-ended blasting instrument at the same time;

9. Software: Suitable for Windows 98/XP Chinese version work, can control the blasting instrument work, and real-time blasting pressure, volume data collection, processing and recording, can provide a variety of reporting formats; there are a variety of upgrades to support users to upgrade; have the right to manage functions; software has a variety of query methods, according to the trial Inquire method, test date, combination mode and so on; establish Excel database.

10. Intelligent design such as "one-key" operation in the test process can easily realize non-standard test, professional software supports automatic statistics of test data, micro-printer and standard RS232 interface, facilitates external links and data transmission between the system and the computer, supports, unifies management of test results and test reports, and software can be provided. Humanized management, software has the function of permission management.

11. users can add and modify the test standard according to their needs.

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