YZ-BY self injector test backpressure tester for safety syringe

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  • Brand:    yuanzi
  • Type:    YZ-BY
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The 5.7 inch (120 * 90) monochrome LCD screen is displayed in Chinese menu. Nominal specification, test load, printing, testing, uplink, downlink, time and calibration. The menu on the LCD screen is controlled by the keyboard, and the test data is printed on the airborne. The safety and self-destructive reliability of the injector under test is judged automatically. The water pressure and test time curve injected into the injector are displayed in real time, and the report is printed on the airborne. This machine is mainly for the safety syringe to prevent re-start to do a simulation test, the test method fully meets the requirements of ISO7886-4 standard appendix B.2.

Nominal size: 1 ~ 50ml;

Test load: 0 ~ 400KPa, accuracy: + 5 KPa;

Resolution: 1KPa;

Loading rate: 100KPa /min

Printing mode: 10 test data and average back pressure and deviation values can be printed.

Net weight: 11kg.

Outline size: 400 x 290 x 240 (mm).

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