FY15810-C syringe body body closed negative pressure tester

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Negative pressure tester for injector body tightness is a special equipment designed according to the relevant provisions of GB15810-2001 national standard for testing the sealing performance of injector body.

Negative pressure detection: 88Kpa error is not greater than + 0.5Kpa, LED digital display;

Lateral force: 0.25N + 5%, 1N + 5%, 2N + 5%, 3N + 5%; time: 30s + 2%, 60s + 2%

Negative pressure output: 88Kpa + 0.5Kpa;

Test time: 1S to 10min arbitrary setting, LED digital display. (negative pressure of measurement system remains unchanged within 5 minutes + 0.5Kpa).

Net weight: 8.5Kg

Outline size: 400 x 290 x 240 (mm)

3. usage:

The syringe is sucked in no less than 25% of the nominal capacity of water, is the cone head up, back pumping piston, is to make the reference line and nominal capacity line coincide, and then placed on the syringe fixture, the negative pressure output of the tester tube firmly installed in the syringe cone head, the tester will be connected to the network power supply, open the power switch, until the negative pressure display. When the digital meter is stable, and then press the start button, the tester will automatically suck air. When the negative pressure display number is expressed to 88 KPa, the meter will automatically stop sucking air. At the same time, at the beginning, the maintenance time is 60 S. During this period, the visual observation of the jacket and the piston contact area must not produce bubbles (the negative pressure display number should not exceed the number). The original display value 0.5KPa), and the piston and core rod must not be separated.

  Matters needing attention:

4.1 operators must be familiar with the use of this equipment.

4.2 on this test, the negative pressure display has been adjusted to 88 KPa automatically stop pumping air.

4.3 the continuous time relay has been adjusted at 60 S.

4.4 this tester implements three packages and three packages for one year.

4.5 the measuring cycle of this tester is one year. Setting method of time relay: time setting dial is 3 bits, setting range is 1s-99s, maintenance time can be adjusted according to time setting.

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