JF-HS safety syringe anti puncture test instrument

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  • Brand:    yuanzi
  • Type:    JF-HS
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5.7 inch (120 * 90) single color LCD touch screen, Chinese menu display. Nominal specification, test load, printing, testing, uplink, downlink, time and calibration. The menu on the LCD screen is controlled by the keyboard, and the test data is printed on the airborne. The real-time curve of the anti-pinning force and test time of the syringe is displayed. The maximum value of the anti-pinning force of the syringe should also be printed by the airborne printer. This machine is mainly for the needle with needle safety syringe in a safe range of pressure does not automatically retract the test, is conducive to research and development personnel to improve product performance according to actual data.

Nominal size: 1 ~ 50ml;

Test load: 0 ~ 30N, accuracy: + 0.1N;

Resolution: 0.01N;

Loading rate: 0.2N/S ~ 1N/S

Printing mode: 10 test data and average anti puncture force and deviation values can be printed.

Net weight: 11kg

Outline size: 400 x 290 x 240 (mm)

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