ZY15810-C injector positive pressure tester

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The positive pressure tester for syringe tightness is designed and manufactured according to the relevant standards of GB15810-2001 "disposable sterile syringe". A measuring instrument specially designed for testing positive pressure of syringes.

ZY15810-C syringe sealing positive pressure tester consists of intelligent controller, force measuring mechanism, ranging mechanism, printer and other parts. Intelligent controller is composed of CPU, motherboard, LCD, keyboard, power supply and other parts of the screen using full Chinese window display, with the keyboard cursor control options, operation, settings, without training, you can operate according to the prompt.

5.7 inch (120 * 90) monochrome LCD touch screen and Chinese menu display. The nominal capacity of the syringe, the lateral force and the axial pressure used in the leak test are selected by the keyboard. The lateral force and the axial pressure are displayed during the test, and the action time of the mandrel is given. The test results can be printed out by the airborne printer.

The lateral force is 0.25N to 3N and the error is not greater than 5%.

The axial pressure is 100Kpa to 400Kpa and the error is not greater than 5%.

Nominal capacity: 1ml to 60ml, optional.

The test time is 30S + 5S and the error is not greater than 1S.

Net weight: 12kg

Outline size: 485 x 345 x 300 (mm)

Two. Technical parameters:

2.1 environment:

Working temperature: 5~40 C

Relative humidity: (45~80)%

Supply voltage: 220V + 22V

Power grid frequency: 50HZ + 1HZ

2.2 display mode:

2.2.1 adopts 320 * 240 monochrome liquid crystal display and full Chinese window display.

2.2.2 uses keyboard to control the menu on LCD and analog keyboard on LCD.

2.3 power consumption: 200W

2.4 instrument loading range: 0 ~ 6N, accuracy: + 0.010 ~ 300Kpa accuracy: + 0.05

Matters needing attention

1 operators must be familiar with the instruction manual of this tester.

2 a fast turn key is set up in the meter. When the cursor is below the test key, press the "left" button and the cursor will jump to "test".

3. After booting, the instrument is self-checked, and the error is found. A prompt screen will appear at the end of the first screen, reminding you to reset the test plan or re-calibrate. In case of "class II data error", you should reset the test plan. In case of "class I data error", you should ask professionals to reset the calibration.

4 the measuring cycle of the tester is one year.

5 the tester has three packages and three packages for one year.

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