YZ-CZ safety syringe self destruct test withdrawal tester

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  • Brand:    yuanzi
  • Type:    YZ-CZ
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5.7 inch (120 * 90) single color LCD touch screen, Chinese menu display. Nominal specification, test load, printing, testing, uplink, downlink, time and calibration. The menu on the LCD screen is controlled by the keyboard, and the test data is printed on the airborne. The safety and self-destructive reliability of the tested syringe can be judged automatically, and the anti-start tension and test time curve can be displayed in real time. This machine has two kinds of test methods: one is to set the load and test time on the injector anti-restart test; the other is to directly exert reaction force on the injector mandrel until the damage. That is to say, the simulation test is mainly done to prevent the safety syringe from being started again. The test method fully meets the requirements of Appendix B.1 of ISO7886-4 standard.

Nominal size: 1 ~ 50ml;

Test load: 0 ~ 150N, accuracy: + 0.5N;

Resolution: 0. 1N;

Loading rate: 1N/S ~ 10N/S

Printing mode: it can print 10 test data and maximum tension and deviation value of anti start tension.

Net weight: 11kg

Outline size: 400 x 290 x 240 (mm)

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